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The Moonspinner Darts Club was started in 1977 with (as far as anyone can remember) 6 women.

Though the roster has grown from our humble beginnings, our goals have remained the same.

The purpose of the Moonspinners is to promote the sport of DARTS (and it is a sport) in our communities to other women and the general public.  Also to instruct anyone interested in our sport, whether they be women, men or children, in groups or as individuals.

Since our conception, we have sponsored an annual (sometimes semi-annual) LADIES ONLY PRO/AM.  We guarantee cash payouts to the top players in the draw doubles.We also hold an AM only and a PRO only singles tournament with all entry monies returned to the players.  Each year this tournament is held at different locations throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  We also donate one dollar from each entry fee in each event to a group dedicated to helping abused women and children.  We also take donations at the tournament from our members and participants which include money, personal items and small household appliances.

In the past few years we have also sponsored the MOONSPINNER YOUTH DARTS TOURNAMENT.  Youth players up to the age of 17 compete in their own (or older) age brackets in both a Youth/Adult Doubles and Youth Singles.  The winner of the Singles event then becomes the Moonspinner Youth Champion and is sponsored to an area play-off with other association winners.  When all this has been completed, the finalist represents the U.S.A. in a Youth tournament in England.

Being a Moonspinner has always been considered an honor.  Entry into the organization is by invitation only along with a written questionnaire from both the sponsoring member and the prospective member.  These are then distributed to all our members who vote by secret ballot.  The prospective member must have a two-thirds majority vote to obtain membership and are on a probationary period for one year.

Moonspinner Darts Association wish you "Happy Darting"!

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Darts in Southern California 

We have attempted to provide links to local dart pubs and major dart associations in Southern California.  

If you have an establishment that caters to the darting community and we have overlooked you, please send us an e-mail and we will gladly add you to our site.

We hope you enjoy our efforts.

"Happy Darting"


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