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1.    Do Not talk or drink while keeping score!

2.    Do Not move about or smoke - STAND STILL!

3.    Do Not look at the shooter, stand face to the board!

4.    Do Not call out a score of one dart or all three - unless asked!

5.   Do Not tell a shooter what combination to shoot for an out!

6.   Do Not tell a shooter what to shoot!

7.   Do Not change a score if that player has shot again and a second score written down.

8.   Do Not lean out to see where a dart is or follow the darts with body or head movement!

9.   Do Not show any signs of disgust or excitement while scoring!

10. Do Not change the sides of the scoresheet of the players, in three leg matches.  If you start a team on the left, leave them on the left, regardless of the bull!