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History of Moonspinners

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This ladies' dart club was started in 1977 with the purpose of promoting women's darts.  The club is not large, only 17 members, but it is impressive.  The membership includes Lois Miller, ADO Ladies Champion 1979; Kim Kelly, second-ranked player in the United States in 1981; Katy Casillas, third-best woman dart shooter in 1983.  In 1980 five of the top ten women dart players in the United States were Moonspinners.

At tournaments, women wearing the Moonspinner name on their jackets or shirts are always willing to keep score (which too many players are hesitant to do), or provide other help.   They are ready to assist beginners at any time.

The club sponsors an annual pro-am ladies only tournament that is very popular.   Prospective members should be willing to help promote darts and be eager to encourage more women to play.

The list below are all past members of the Moonspinners.

Name Years City - State Position Comments
Vera Richardson 1977 - President 1st President
Amber Paliwoda 1977 - Lomita, CA
Donna Aquila 1977 -
Lois Miller 1977 -
Katy Casillas 1977 - Williams, CA Treasurer
Gail 1977 -
Katie Harris Downey, CA President
Jackie Ross
Linda Alva
Nancy Smith
Cathy Reeves
Sherry Jacobs
Maureen Griffith President
Susan Atherton Deceased
Linda Endo
Sharon Neel
Sonja Aiken
Jan Melnick
Debbie Davis Westminster, CA
Eva Gonzales
Kathy Howell Huntington Beach, CA
Elizabeth Rivers Tujunga, CA
Joan Sullivan Huntington Beach, CA
Patty Contreras Corona, CA
Mary Taylor Buena Park, CA Deceased
Deb Eskin Torrance, CA
Cecilia "Ceci" Boeger Westminster, CA
Peggy Hunter Hemet, CA
Carol Jeginski Cottonwood, AZ
Regina Smith Torrance, CA
Beverly O'Conner Chicago, CA
Gerry McCarthy 1977 Duarte, CA Vice President Lifetime Member
Carol Steddum Twentynine Palms, CA
Sharon Smead 1991 Cerritos, CA President Deceased
Nairn Knipe 1993 Bowen Island, Canada Member at Large Relocated (AWOL)
Ellie Loock 1997 Carson, CA
Samantha Combs
Linda Avila
Phil Fitzgerald Hawaiian Gardens, CA President / Vice President
Rose Helm Hawaiian Gardens, CA Treasurer
Jan Rigby President / Vice President
Winnie Outcalt Secretary Deceased
Kathy Pew
Lill Gaimari Treasurer
Vickie Meeham
Meredyth Warren
Cari DeBie
Janise Nagle
Julie Struthers
Sandi Cain
Jan Bulai Secretary
Chris Kolher Treasurer
Kathy Z